WITH QUARI ICE

Introducing Quari Ice


When you’re ready to slow down and savor the moment, start with Quari – slow melt ice that makes your cocktails everything they’re meant to be.

Pronounced quarry, a place where precious gems are unearthed, and inspired by the ancient artisans of Japan and their word for ice, “Kori,” each sphere and cube is carefully sculpted from large blocks of pure, crystal clear ice.  So your drinks stay cold, undiluted, and true to taste.

Our Purpose


Every cube, every sphere of Quari ice you buy not only helps you enjoy your life a little more, it directly helps others have a chance at a better life too.

Our Ice Spheres & Cubes


Available in trial and value packs

What people are saying about Quari

Ice is an ingredient; it has an effect on mouthfeel, dilution, presentation, and flavor. When choosing which to use, I get inspired by the malleability of the ice by Quari. Whether I simply place the cube or sphere in the glass, as is, or pick it down to a desired artisanal look, the ice is respondent. More than that, after speaking to Neil and Audrey, and finding that their mission is to promote inclusivity and diversity in the workplace, offering opportunities to those that don’t always receive them, I was moved. Quari satisfies more than my desire for great ice; it satisfies my heart and soul for a better, more progressive industry. Cheers.”


David Mor, Beverage Manager — Cindy’s Rooftop, Chicago Athletic Association Hotel


“Everything is great here. We love the ice, the cooler, packaging. I couldn’t be happier.”

Gregory P. Rice, Assistant General Manager & Beverage Director — Forbidden Root

“Great quality ice, phenomenal service!

Kirill K., Lead Bartender — Smyth and the Loyalist

“The best ice in the world.”

 Jeff Williams, Executive Chef — The Press Room

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