What is craft ice?

What Is Craft Ice?

There is a growing movement in the cocktails and drinks industry, but it isn’t centered around the pairing of flavors and alcohols. Rather, it centers around the ice. Craft ice, that is. So what is craft ice?

Craft ice is a specially designed type of ice that comes multiple forms, including:
Craft ice is popular in drinks at bars and lounges around the country. The reason it is popular is that it doesn’t just look beautiful and intriguing, it also melts more slowly than standard ice, making it easier to keep your drink from being watered down.

As with most products, there are different levels of quality when it comes to craft ice. Most consumers can purchase molds to make craft ice in their freezers. You can even purchase a refrigerator that makes craft ice. These two methods, while valid, produce a lower quality of craft ice. If you’re looking for top-tier craft ice, there are companies that create craft ice with specialized machines, filtration processes, and more to ensure the perfect sip every time.

Why Is It Hard to Make Craft Ice?

Creating craft ice can be challenging depending on your setup. If you don’t have any tools at your disposal, and you’re using tap water, creating crisp, clear craft ice is going to be more challenging. The reason for this is that most people with ice cube trays, molds, and a standard freezer are going to have water that freezes from all sides. This makes it nearly impossible to get a clear cube or sphere. Rather, you want the ice to freeze from the top down. This pushes any sediment in the water (and if you’re using tap water, chances are there is a tiny bit of this) down to the bottom. Then, you can carve the clear ice at the top. This of course works for the cooler method, but it isn’t quite as easy if you’re using sphere molds.

Most people have to purchase special molds if they want to make craft ice spheres at home. This requires time, space, and likely, a bit of experimentation to get it right.

Does Craft Ice Last Longer?

Yes, it does. Craft ice is typically a bigger block or sphere, which means it will take longer to melt than the ice your freezer makes. There is some science at play here that makes this happen, but on the whole, the more surface area, the more likely ice is to melt and dilute your drink. This is important because, without ice melting, your drink wouldn’t be cooled. But the dilution part of it is great to a point, and then your drink starts tasting watered down. Craft ice tends to melt at the pace most people drink which makes it a pleasure to look at, an easy tool to keep your drink cold, and less of a threat when it comes to a watery cocktail.

Where to Buy Craft Ice?

A lot of consumers prefer not to have to deal with molds, freezing temperatures, coolers and ice picks, and we get it. When you want a great cocktail, the last thing you want to have to think about is if you prepped your craft ice machine for the job ahead of time. That’s why we sell our handcrafted ice.

Our slow melt cubes and slow melt spheres are:
Available in trial-sized and value-sized packs
Easily kept in your freezer
Ready to add to your drinks when you’re ready to have a cocktail.
All you need is to set the ice out for three to four minutes while you’re making your drink to let the frost clear, and you’ll have a perfect piece of ice every time.

Plus, not only is our ice crystal clear and slow to melt, it’s also been through a rigorous purification process. This isn’t only to ensure the crispest, cleanest tasting water, it’s also to ensure that nothing in the ice interferes with the rich aromatics in your cocktails. We set the standard for craft ice to ensure you enjoy every sip of your next drink.

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