Our Handcrafted Ice



Crafting Quari: A New Standard For Ice

Everything we do is done with one goal: making the best ice in
the world  and in the process making the world a little better.

Our Water:

Our process starts with rigorous water purification, and our water standards are second to none. We leverage all the latest technology to detect and filter impurities.

Our Ice:

After purification, we fill ice block machines invented exclusively for Quari to create crystal clear blocks of ice. We evaluate each block for optimal clarity.

Our Craft:

We then shape our ice with the most innovative cutting tools available.

Our Facility:

We strictly regulate our facility to uphold the highest quality and purity principles.

Our People:

At every step, we have real people guiding the process and inspecting every single cube of Quari. Our quality standards are too important to leave to robots or other machinery. We entrust only our people to deliver an exceptional craft ice experience, every time.

Where does your ice come from?
It’s a good question.

These days, most of us care about where our products are from and how they’re made, especially when it comes to our food and our water. But if you think about it, we often don’t give a second thought to our ice.

But we believe ice matters. And you deserve transparency about it.

So Quari is proud to use the highest standards of water purification to produce only ultra pure, crystal clear ice. We further control our sourcing by exclusively producing in our Chicago-based state of the art facility, using all new equipment and tools.

How is Quari different from regular ice?

Of course, we believe high quality ice is the backbone to any great drink. After all, you
should taste only your drink – not the ice – whether it be a cocktail or an iced coffee.

Slow Melt


Quari melts very slowly, over the course of 2-3 hours, which means your drink stays colder longer, and is less watered down compared to regular ice.

Ultra Pure


Our water purification process ensures that you are tasting your drink, not the ice, and you can feel good about knowing our purity standards and how your ice is made.

Crystal Clear


Unlike regular ice or even ice molds, Quari offers you a crystal clear cube every time, due to our proprietary freezing process and our people who inspect every single cube for optimal clarity.

Try Quari Ice Today! 

Quari Ice is available in trial packs and value packs:

12 ct Cubes  |  4 ct Cubes  |  12 ct Spheres  |  4 ct Spheres

For best results, remove Quari from the freezer and keep at room temperature until the
frost clears (approx. 3-4 minutes) before pairing with your favorite drink.

Quari: Available on the best cocktail menus in town

We’re proud to partner with bars and restaurants in the Chicagoland area so they can
serve our ultra pure, crystal clear spheres and cubes in their craft cocktails and more.

Contact us today if you are interested in putting Quari on your menu.

What people are saying about Quari

Ice is an ingredient; it has an effect on mouthfeel, dilution, presentation, and flavor. When choosing which to use, I get inspired by the malleability of the ice by Quari. Whether I simply place the cube or sphere in the glass, as is, or pick it down to a desired artisanal look, the ice is respondent. More than that, after speaking to Neil and Audrey, and finding that their mission is to promote inclusivity and diversity in the workplace, offering opportunities to those that don’t always receive them, I was moved. Quari satisfies more than my desire for great ice; it satisfies my heart and soul for a better, more progressive industry. Cheers.”


David Mor, Beverage Manager — Cindy’s Rooftop, Chicago Athletic Association Hotel


“Everything is great here. We love the ice, the cooler, packaging. I couldn’t be happier.”

Gregory P. Rice, Assistant General Manager & Beverage Director — Forbidden Root

“Great quality ice, phenomenal service!

Kirill K., Lead Bartender — Smyth and the Loyalist

“The best ice in the world.”

 Jeff Williams, Executive Chef — The Press Room